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Saturday, July 26, 2014

"1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. We’re doing our part to protect our mothers, sisters, and friends". Beauty Counter says "We will never use parabens – preservatives that can disrupt the hormone system – and other chemicals linked to the disease". 

Beauty Counter is taking skin care to the next level. Actually where it should of been this whole time. The standard personal care products are bogged down with harmful chemicals that our skin in fact absorbs and leaches into our body. See just where your current personal care items rank on the toxic list, on the Skin Deep data base.( ie tooth paste, cosmetics, deodorant, lotions.)

Beauty Counter states that they have banned over 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard. Their products a vegan (with the expectation of the conditioner and lip balm that contains bees wax). They use organic ingredients such as organic coconut oil. They use gluten free ingredients. And use truth in labeling so you know what you are slathering on your skin. 

Not only are the products squeaky clean and healthy, they are high performance making your skin radiant! I've sampled the Face Collection and Lustro Oils and now I am hooked! As an Aesthetician I am very selective about the products I use. And when I find something I fall in love with I shout it from the roof tops. Clean products that actually work. I am all in!

After hearing the Beauty Counter story and trying the products myself. I decided to join the movement. I want to help Beauty Counter in their mission to get their products into the hands of everyone! You can join the movement too, whether your just using the products or sharing the Beauty Counter story. Connect with me on FB and visit my Beauty Counter website.

Here's to healthier living and healthier choices. Cheers!

Nicole-Beauty Review Junkie

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