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Friday, December 10, 2010

Boots No 7 Extreme Length Mascara

Who isn't on the never ending quest for a great mascara? I know I am. I find something, I like it, it gets discontinued or the formula changes. NEXT!

 My Brow Studio is right by Super Target so I go over there in between appointments to shop. :) It's DANGEROUS to be soooo close to Target lol. If I don't like what I am wearing that day. I go buy a different outfit haha. Lately, every time I go over there I have been buying different mascara's to try. Sadly, nothing but disappointment and money in the trash. The last mascara I bought cost 17.99 and sucked. I guess I should of taken it back.

Then one day as I was walking through the make-up section at Target...a bronze tube and a thin green wand,catch my eye. I back up. "Ohh, what is this" I think to myself. I read all I could about it. With an Aesthetic background somewhat of a cosmetic snob lol. How's it going to wear? Will it make my eye's itch? Will it be a pain to take off? (ya never know with mascara now days, it never comes off when you want it to!) What are the ingredients? Is the formula any good? Never the less I behold the bronze torch like bottle in my hand & throw it in the basket. It's 7.99. What the hell, right? :) Last black/brown too. Ha!

My lashes on No 7 Mascara. Love it!
Can I just say the next day when I was finishing my look with a sweep of mascara; Vavoom! Length. Vola! Dark cremy texture. Shazam! Long luscious lashes! Omg. This stuff really works! Boots No 7 Extreme Length Mascara surpassed my expectations! Surprisingly my skepticism was laid to rest. My eyes don't itch!  My lashes are dark, long, and beautiful! It wears all day & it comes off with my eye make up remover, no problem! SCORE!

Again, it's me Beauty Review Junkie Your talking to. I'm giving it a month to see if I still love it as much haha. It's been two weeks. So in two more weeks I'll let you know. But, I have this feeling it will be a staple in my make-up bag until it gets discontinued and I am forced to hunt down the next best thing. ;)

That's it for now. Chow. :)

P.S. It's a lil cheaper on Amazon 
Boots No7 Extreme Length Mascara - Black

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