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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh! I almost forgot to share with you the new fabulous tweezer line called LaVaque! They're some pretty fab tweezers if I must say so. Ultra trendy Swarovski tweezers. LaVaque even offers diamond tweezers! The tweezer line is truly beautiful and work great! Barry the CEO sent me a pair and I can't say enough about them!! You have got to check them out and get a pair, or two, or three. Yes I'm obsessed! ;)


A couple of things...

Sorry for delayed posts. It has been very busy for me. I have been preoccupied with my eyebrow salon & my three kids! I have had little to no time to post anything. Keep watch I will have some how to post coming soon!

Also, I just got my Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer in yesterday! Wow! It smells amazing! Very herbal. So far so good. It looks great and feels great too. I'll update you in a week to let you know if it still as fabulous. :)

And lastly I just started an Advanced Education Class in Eyebrow Designing. If you are a professional or knows someone who is that would be interested pass my info on. :) My website is

I promise some how to post will be coming shortly. Anything in particular that you would like to know how to do? I'd be happy to share my tips and tricks!

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