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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Green living is another passion of mine. I guess I'm sorta a beauty health nut :) I believe the two intertwine. Don't you?

I am researching an organic product line called Miessence. Has anyone heard of it? They appear to have a nice selection of certified organic home and beauty products; beautifully packaged botanical perfumes, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, mother and baby, health care, & household items. Here's the link if your curious Miessence .

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beauty Mayhem

I had to share my beauty mishap stories! Yes I said stories. Not just one, or two, but three beauty mishaps all within a few days of each other. If I would of read my fortune for the month it would of said, "This month beauty is not your forte, run from any beauty you seek!"

Ok so here it goes... A couple clients of mine come in with the cutest perms. Inspired by their look I got the bright idea that I too must have a perm! So the next thing I know I am in perm rods and my scalp is on fire! When the perm rods came out I was expecting these big bouncy locks. You know? Like the one my clients had. To my disappointment I looked like a frizzy poodle! Here's the deal. I must think that I am also a hairdresser. My friend who is an amazing hair stylist tried to convince me that I needed my hair cut to minimize any potential frizz. But I wasn't having any of that because it has taken me so long to grow it out from my short short cut two years ago. Bless her heart when she saw my hair she was like "At least let me nip the ends." lol So of course I let her. Even so I looked like I was wearing a birds nest on top of my head, according to my sweet boyfriend no less. What a mess!

It doesn't stop there. I go into to get a fill. My usual guy is on his way out because he has to file his taxes. So I let one of his employees do my nails. How bad can it be right? Wrong! She applied the white so thick that my nail bed looked like it was wearing a top hat!. Yikes. And when it was all said and done my nails were so un-humanly thick it looked as if I had cat claws. In my effort to hide the hideous sight I paint my own nails immediately when I get home. First I tried a nice light color, but you could see the thick white band of color through it. So I remove that and paint my nails a deep taupe. It looked better, but I just wanted to wear gloves all week. So at this point, in my efforts to get beautified, I now have a poodle on my head and cat claws for nails...

It get's even better lol. So I'm sitting in the nail shop drying my toe nails after an amazing pedicure. I am sitting next to this cute little girl with bubble gum pink nails and glitter. I made a mistake and said to her "awww, your nails look so pretty". You think that would be enough, but nooooo. I had to tell my nail lady how cute I thought this little girls nails were. In her endearing accent she commented back, "You want sparkle too?". I was like, "Ummm, no thats ok". She rebuttals, "Honey, no problem, I give you sparkle too". Again I insist "No, no it's ok". Then she comes at me with a bottle of glitter and said, "Honey, give me your foot". Then the next thing I knew my hot pink toe nails now had lots and lots of sparkle. Bling Bling! The shine from the glitter was so bright that it blinded my eyes, then the room began to spin, and for a moment I was 10 again!! I'm still sporting my glittery toe nails as we speak! lol The funny thing is that I have had several compliments on my toe nails!? :/ Back handed compliments I wonder? lol Oh well....

So you see, I am a walking frizz ball with claws and sparkles. lol

(since then I have replaced my nails and tamed the do. I still have some g-litter removal to do. When is trash pick up day?)
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